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Snowboard Courses Kids & Teens

Do you want to find out how great snowboarding is? Or, are you a true professional and you want to try out the latest tricks and trends? At Ski Dome you will find your suitable course. Whether basics, fun park, halfpipe or off-piste: We are the biggest snowboard school in Kaprun and have some to offer. Thus, sign up and and enjoy your learning progress and a lot of fun in the snow!

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Our online booking system is very simple. First, you fill in your holiday period and then you go straight on. Very important: To be able to prepare everything for you in time, your online booking should be made ​​at least 3 days in advance. 

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And here comes step 2. Selecting the right course. For kids who have never been on a snowboard before, the beginner courses are just right. For all those who already have experience on the board, an advanced group is what you need. Please note that the 3-5 day courses always start on Sunday and Monday. The 6-day courses can only begin on Sunday.

Info Group Lessons: All Goup Lessons, with less than 4 participants, will get a half day course in small groups (comparable to private lessons).

Still have questions? Then please contact the Ski Dome team directly by telephone on +43 (0) 65 47-82 32 or e-mail: