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Ski Courses Adults

Top ski instructors, fast progress and fun on the slopes: In our adult courses you'll be in small groups for ultimate progression! Beginners can look forward to a successful first experience.  Advanced skiers can expect those vital finishing touches from our Ski Dome professionals.

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Our online booking is quite simple, just select your holiday dates and go from there! Please note: So that we can provide for you at all times, please make your online booking at least 3 days in advance

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And here comes the next step: Selecting your desired course. First time on skis? Then the beginners' courses are perfect for you. All others who have some experience should book a place on the advanced course. By the way: 3 to 5 day courses can always start on a Sunday or Monday.

Still have questions? Then please contact the Ski Dome team directly by telephone on +43 (0) 65 47-82 32 or e-mail: